Big Commercial Fuel Supplement


If you drive a Big Truck and you want better Fuel mileage, Or , if you are a fleet Manager looking at the bottom line in fuel cost, then here is a solution.

A company at the top of the Hydrogen Fuel Supplement industry has developed a System for the Commercial Trucking industry. Glad that happened.   The ES-16 Advanced HHO System is produced for high Duty Load application. One can run this system 7 days a week 24 hours a day, with very dependable result.

This model is made with 12 inch 16 gauge 316L Stainless steel plates designed for a very Long Duty Life.

A2.5 gallon water reservoir, plus a triple air dryer, and all the electronic tuning gear you’ll need.

No extra trips to get parts as everything down to the last screw is included.

This can add 3 to 4 mpg Loaded.  The savings in Fuel alone is tremendous.  Other benefit includeFotoFlexer_Photo

lower maintenance cost and extending the life of the Engine.

Go to Advanced to see and purchase.


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