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 There seems to be some controversy whether electronic enhancement is necessary to allow proper operating profiles for the Hydrogen supplement.  What am I talking about?
When you would add a hydrogen supplement to your fuel system there are certain ways to allow the Engine control unit to accept the new increases in octane, horsepower, increase in mileage, etc. by changing frequency. These enhancements include , EFIE
( electronic fuel injection enhancer) for vehicles older than 1996, as well as new,  Fuel Savor Flash chip, This adds a new profile to the ECU (engine control unit), Map (manifold absolute pressure sensor) frequency changes, MAF ( mass air flow sensor) frequency changes. Map and Mass are really good for diesel application. Plus some more…
 One Hydrogen on Demand manufacturer suggests that none of these are necessary, and they build a real good looking product. They say one can clear the oxygen sensor and add a new profile Green Car - Close Up Shot
from the engine control unit and doing it by yourself easy.   It maybe easy to clear the ECU on your engine but when you allow the ECU to accept the supplement, it still has the limitations that were built in at the factory . These limitations will only allow minimal gains from the hydrogen unit.  To reprogram the ECU yourself can be done but with a lot of trial and error.  To get an electronic enhancement that is built specifically for you vehicle and one that allows the ECU to go beyond the lean limits etc. is an easy solution.
 Personally, I think for vehicles newer than 1996 the flash chip would be easier because the correct profiles for your vehicle are already programed there. Also it does allow you to go beyond the lean limits of your ECU.  The factory does program the devise for your specific vehicle. Vehicles older than 1996 , an EFIE application applies. For Diesel application, A MAP / MAF frequency application that is easy to do and there are devices to add to keep it in line,  An easy do it yourself application. MAP/MAF pertain to carburetor equip engines. There is much research to do concerning Hydrogen supplements, and even with great results from HHO units, the search for better mileage will continue for years to come.
See, I think it really pays to get educated about hydrogen supplements.

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