What is Hydrogen on Demand technology and why

Sometimes known as HHO, or hydrogen assist technology.Chemical Elements Abstraction
It is pertaining to hydrogen systems that supplement the regular fuel you would use in your car, truck tractor, boat, go cart, among many applications, to increase horsepower, improve fuel mileage, extend the life of the engine, and , pollute a lot less.
These systems create hydrogen as the engine needs through electrolysis ,”Hydrogen on Demand”,with no excess, so there is never any storage of hydrogen in your vehicle.  It is a safe and economical way to increase the power of your vehicles engine. The engine runs smoother, quieter, and cooler, as well as cleaner. With hydrocarbons decreased 30 to 50% the engine will stay cleaner on the inside allowing the engine oil to last much longer between changes, cutting the cost of maintenance.  Also, with the engine cleaner it is lubricated better, extending the life of the engine.  I am talking in large amounts.
You all, for the most part, spend your hard earned money to keep your transportation reliable. You spend a lot of money on fuel. But your vehicle only uses about 40% of the fuel you buy due to low octane fuels and the sluggish electrical programing installed on your vehicle at the factory. OOPs,  they didn’t want you to know that… Now you do and it’s true.  We’re stuck with gasoline for some time still. At least look at a way to use the majority of the gasoline you buy without sending the other 60% out the tail pipe in the form pollution . I know some of you use diesel fuel.  PMs or particulate matter, commonly known as soot, has been a big polluting problem.   With a hydrogen on demand system you can get 75 to 80% decrease.  We have seen 90+ percent.
 I am not a distributor nor a affiliate of any HHO manufacturer.  To find these products is easy by searching on Duck Duck Go, or Google, if you prefer.

News of a very special car battery  soon.         Peace Out, WM


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William lives in the middle of the country. Works as an Transportation Specialist for RedGuard, a company that manufactures Blast Resistant buildings for the oil and gas industry. Buildings that keep people alive. Williams' interests at this blog are the providing of information and the sale of technology dealing with better fuel economy, and monetary savings for the general public.
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