Important Hydrogen on Demand install information

Asphalt roadAdding a hydrogen on demand system to your vehicle is not difficult if you are mechanically minded.
There are things to remember about safety, and performance.  Most are common sense.
How many of you talk on the cell phone while pumping gasoline into you car?   NOT a good idea.
The static from the cell phone could easily cause the fumes to flash burning the crap out of the”I just can’t put my phone down”, not to mention could also blow the gas station clean out of the zip code.  But for those who are invincible , you’ve nothing to worry about except maybe your “super hero” status after they scrape your burnt offerings down the drain. In fact, A good candidate for the Darwin award.
For those smart folks who care about staying on this planet for now,  hydrogen is flammable also, but using common sense ,and being educated will keep everything safe.
Hydrogen supplement kits, good ones, come with everything you need to comfortably install in your vehicle.
Well, except the tools.  But most good kits come with complete instructions , all the fuel line , and electrical wires and fuses, and various valves , etc.    Some manufacturers supple video and/or photos to help define like, where your at, and where to go next.  Actually, it’s very cool, easy , and you can be comfortable.
To cause the reaction between the water and electric to separate the hydrogen and oxygen molecules we use an electrolyte.  Some of this chemical escapes from the dry cell and some gets deposited in the bubbler, but still not all is cleaned from the gas. This gets deposited in the engine and over time will clog EGR valve and other small ports.  So that is not acceptable. The way to prevent this is a simple ,inexpensive device called an air dryer.
This is set last before the gas goes into the air intake. You can get good ones for about 24 dollars $43 with stainless hardware. Many good kits include the air dryer. It will save you time and money, and keep you , like I said, comfortable with your system.
The benefit from these system are usually large.  You can read about that on this site and at my other blog ,
The electronics are simple for the most part, then again , it depends on how handy you are.  I know a brilliant teacher that can not wrap his head around how to hammer a nail or how to use a screw driver… You get the point.
Changing the frequency of the electrical system will give you great success with your hydrogen on demand system. One very good and easy way is to install a Fuel Savor Flash Chip.  These are built for HHO systems and will be programed for your vehicle.  It gets installed behind the vehicle ECU inspection port , usually on the lower part of the dash board.  Easy connect.   To learn more about this go to
I would like to see  people more aware of their options. The hydrogen on demand systems are safe . Sometimes people are not.  These systems are not expensive and will save you Money, a lot of money, in fuel and maintenance cost.  You can do a lot for the air we breath using a60%to 90%+ pollution free hydrogen on demand system.
This technology is not bound by pattens and the more who understand the better.  Systems built by manufacturers are protected, but these devices come with warranty.  They also look like factory equipment.  Major advancement has happened in this industry.  Saving you all money and helping you toward learning more about how to take care of your cars and your environment is the primary goal here.

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William lives in the middle of the country. Works as an Transportation Specialist for RedGuard, a company that manufactures Blast Resistant buildings for the oil and gas industry. Buildings that keep people alive. Williams' interests at this blog are the providing of information and the sale of technology dealing with better fuel economy, and monetary savings for the general public.
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