Good fuel economy

My Son got into his car one day, backed out of the driveway , and went ,about, two blocks before he realized that one of the car’s tires was flat. Sounds dumb. But how many of you walk around your vehicle and visually check before getting in and driving anywhere? How often do you […]

What is Hydrogen on Demand technology and why

Sometimes known as HHO, or hydrogen assist technology. It is pertaining to hydrogen systems that supplement the regular fuel you would use in your car, truck tractor, boat, go cart, among many applications, to increase horsepower, improve fuel mileage, extend the life of the engine, and , pollute a lot less. These systems create hydrogen […]

How you all feeling today?

There seems to be some controversy whether electronic enhancement is necessary to allow proper operating profiles for the Hydrogen supplement. What am I talking about? When you would add a hydrogen supplement to your fuel system there are certain ways to allow the Engine control unit to accept the new increases in octane, horsepower, increase […]

How some fuel systems work

There are two principal types of Gasoline Engines. Motors that are Carbureted and motors that are fuel injected. Most of all vehicles after the mid 1980s are Fuel injected. Most of those before the mid 1980s have carburetors. Engines with carburetors mix the Fuel and air as it enters the engine through the intake manifold […]

Important Hydrogen on Demand install information

Adding a hydrogen on demand system to your vehicle is not difficult if you are mechanically minded. There are things to remember about safety, and performance. Most are common sense. How many of you talk on the cell phone while pumping gasoline into you car? NOT a good idea. The static from the cell phone […]